Our services:

* keyservice:     

   Key address for professionals, cleaningladies, family, friends and tenants. 

* Managementservice: 

   We can check regularly (inside and outside) to burglary damage, storm damage, glass damage, vandalism                       and leakage. 

* Postalservice: 

   We will empty your mailbox.

* Containerservice: 

   Let us put out the bin/garbage. And bring it in again within 24 hours.

* Checkservice:

   We will check the cleaning, tenants and inventory.

   Flush the toilets, sinks to avoid bad smell from the sewer. 

* Transferservice:

   Recommend to professionals in the area (gardener, handyman etc...).

Optional additional services:

* Bikeservice:

   The bikes are ready to use at your holidayhome.

* Warm welcomeservice:

   In winter we can put on the heating.

   In summer we lower the screens. 

* Linenservice:

   Do you need bedding, towels and dishcloths? We can provide! We also can arrange a high chair, cot, stairgate and a     bicycle seat for children.